Powerful Industrial Training Tools

Measure the ROI of your shop floor training

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Turn your training data into actions.

Labor shortages and incorrect on-the-job training leads to non-ideal outcomes for manufacturers. We work with manufacturers to track and promote training pathways, creating an internal robust pipeline of workers to fill in-demand jobs.

Streamline your training processes

Build a real-time view of your workforce.

Digitize the training and skills data that you already have.
  • Up-to-date training matrices  
  • Searchable database for audits
Reduce training-related incidents

Target the right training.

Visual the link between training and operational metrics to reduce the occurrence of quality events and safety incidents.
  • Meaningful feedback loops for training improvements
  • Better training for increased retention
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In the News

Check out our founder's interview with the South Bend Elkhart Regional Partnership in Indiana about the journey to building Increment into an impact driven company serving the manufacturing industry

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“I believe what you're doing is immensely valuable for the industry and region as a whole.”
-Indiana Economic Development Lead
Manufacturing Company Owner